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The Art of Bombing

Jul 31, 2018

Episode 57: How do you overcome stage fright? This week my guest, a veteran and San Diego based comedian, Ron Ripley talks about how he overcomes stage fright. We discuss the benefits of starting comedy later in life, being selective & making the most of open mics, using inflection of words, and the benefits of having a...

Jul 24, 2018

Episode 56: Not so live from the San Diego Comedy Festival Dan talks with C.T. English, Meghan Seawell, & Rick Gene. We talk about shows that make you want to quit, performing under the influence, military shows, starting fights from the stage, building trust with your audience and lots more! 



Jul 17, 2018

Episode 55: Is it possible to grind too much? This week my guest is Myles Magallanes, a San Diego based comedian and we discuss just that. We discuss balancing regular life with comedy, getting no reaction from the crowd, holding for a laugh that doesn't come, and comics that break down on stage. 



Jul 10, 2018

Episode 54: Have you ever been booed off stage? Or performed on a "Gong" style show? This week's guest Adam Connie (Adamant Podcast) tells a story about performing on a show called "Da Brick", a show if you got three bricks from the audience you had to end your set and you didn't get paid. Dan & Adam then talk about the...

Jul 3, 2018

Episode 53: Are you competitive? Do you enjoy comedy competitions? This week my guest is Emily Burden, a comedian based in Vancouver BC, Canada. She has a great story about bombing at a casino in Canada and talks about competing in Canada's SiriusXM Top Comic. We talk about awkward car rides, performing in casinos,...