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The Art of Bombing

Jan 29, 2019

Episode 80: Pre show stress, how do you deal with it? This week my guest is Jann Karam (Seinfeld, Tonight Show) and she has some great stories about pre show stress elements and working with Dana Carvey. We talk about show logistics, the importance of support, self produced one person shows, and much more!    


Jan 22, 2019

Episode 79: Have you bombed in another language? This week my guest is Luis Sotelo, an English/Spanish speaking comedian from San Diego, CA. We have a great conversation on Spanish comedy, cultural differences in comedy, difficulties of hosting & producing shows.  



Jan 15, 2019

Episode 78: Does working on a cruise ship sound appealing to you? Maybe not so much after my guest, Dale Jones (Last Comic Standing, The Comedy All Stars) talks about the pros and cons of working cruise ships. We also talk about YouTube stars, corporate comedy, and performing family friendly shows...

Jan 8, 2019

Episode 77: Were you traumatized as a child? How has it affected your adulthood? This week I'm joined by Sam Tripoli (Tin Foil Hat Podcast, Punch Drunk Sports) for a fantastic conversation about bar comedy, using our childhood trauma as a strength, being honest on stage, and much more!