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The Art of Bombing

Feb 26, 2019

Episode 84: Live from Sioux Falls Sno Jam Comedy Festival 2019! This week's show features stand-up comedy and conversations with Florentina Tanase, Alan Richardson, & Kandyce August. We talk about performing at events that shouldn't have comedy, dealing with hecklers at bars, and being intimidated by the audience, plus...

Feb 20, 2019

Episode 83: Have you ever owned your own business? Or perhaps wanted to know what's involved in being in charge of a large event? This week my guest is Derek Magnus (SiouxperCon Director) and we have a great (and really nerdy) conversation about owning comic book stores. Plus we talk about collecting comic books, pros...

Feb 12, 2019

Episode 82: Have you ever thought about working at a comedy club? This week my guest is Raul Zambrano (The Review Review) and he's been working at the Mad House Comedy Club in San Diego for the last few years. We talk about the pros and cons of working at a club, having anxiety, having a day job that works with comedy...

Feb 5, 2019

Episode 81: How to you find time to do comedy? This week my guest is Casey Kustak (Attention Seeking Behavior Podcast) and we talk about managing time with comedy & family, working in new material, biggest failures, and what success means.