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The Art of Bombing

Mar 26, 2019

Episode 88: This week my guest is Matt Hattorf! We talk about watching other comics' sets, wrestling, and Sioux City, IA comedy! Plus more! 





Mar 19, 2019

Episode 87: How offensive are you? This week my guest, Dustin Mohr loves to be offensive. We talk about talking breaks from comedy, being offensive, going all in, and knowing what your getting into when you take a booking from knowing the headliner's material to knowing what the rating of the show is. Plus...

Mar 12, 2019

Episode 86: Are you an aggressive performer? Have you ever alienated the audience? This week my guest is Brad Stewart (Zoolarious) from Lincoln, NE. He talks about opening for Joan Rivers. Then we talk about alienating the audience, bombing at corporate gigs, and producing shows. Plus lots more! 


Mar 5, 2019

Episode 85: Do you know your worth? Do you deal with mental illness? This week my guest is LA based comedian Mike Devore (Death By PowerPoint) and he talks about having a manic episode and trying to bring awareness to artists about self-worth. We discuss performing in casinos, writing classes, and trying to...