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The Art of Bombing

Apr 30, 2019

Episode 92: I thought you quit comedy? Yeah, but...this week my guest Richie Estrada makes his second appearance after returning to stand-up comedy. In this Frog & Richie Podcast/Art of Bombing crossover we talk about accepting the spoils of comedy, performing at casinos, self deprecating humor, and sensitive audiences....

Apr 24, 2019

Episode 91: Live from the Paul Bunyan Comedy Festival, this episode features stand-up and conversations with Ellen Doyle, Calvin Kiple, & Maxi Witrak. We talked about dark humor, performing while working at a comedy club, and comedy on the subway. Plus more! Be sure to subscribe, rate, & review! 

Train Traks: 

Apr 9, 2019

Episode 90: Have you ever performed for a prison? Or spent time in prison? This week my guest William Conway has done both. We talk about LA comedy compared to comedy in the Midwest, starting over, being too big for our own britches, and burning bridges. Be sure to subscribe, rate, & review! 


Apr 2, 2019

Episode 89: Do you bomb off stage too? This week my guest is Billy Orme from San Diego! We talk about bombing in other aspects of life from day jobs to dating and everything in between. Dan also talks about getting ready for episode 100 and the road to 10k downloads.