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The Art of Bombing

Feb 25, 2020

Episode 122: Death goes to ATG! This week my guest is Erick Hellwig, a comedian based in LA. Recorded in a hotel dining area during Sno Jam Comedy Festival, Erick shares a great story about bombing as "Death" on "America's Got Talent." We talk about playing characters on stage and talk about ghosts. Plus more! Please...

Feb 18, 2020

Episode 121: Don't cancel me! This week Dan is joined by comedian Nick Hoff (MTV). They have a great conversation about bad words, crowd word, and what happens when you pull a prank on Jeff Foxworthy. Plus more! Please rate, review, and subscribe! 



Feb 11, 2020

Mini Episode 6: In this "Art of Bombing" mini episode "Between Bombs" host, Dan Bublitz Jr talks about putting together electronic press kits. Rate, review, and subscribe! 





Feb 4, 2020

Episode 120: The new guy! This week I'm joined by Cole Boeve, a comic from Sioux Falls, SD that's only one year in. We had a great conversation about performing in daytime hours, comedy contests, & setting goals. Plus more! Please rate, review, and subscribe! 



Feb 3, 2020

This is a special presentation of the Sno Jam Comedy Festival live Casting/Auditioning Panel with freelance casting producer Naela Durrani moderated by Dan Bublitz Jr. This panel features tips about video submissions & auditions along with a Q&A from a live audience.