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The Art of Bombing

Apr 14, 2020

Episode 129: Guten Tag! This week my guest is Tera Kilbride, an international delight. We had a great conversation about building trust, living & performing in Germany vs the United States, having outlets outside of comedy, and storytelling. Plus more! Please rate, review, and subscribe! 





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Tera Kilbride: 

Stand-up Comedian Tera Kilbride


Known for her high energy anecdotes + expressive performance style, Tera will entertain you with Berlin adventures, shit talking counter-cultures and descriptions of her lack of basic social saavy. She's originally from North Dakota, but don't hold that against her – she could easily talk down a buffalo if the situation required. Also known as Pest from the Midwest, Tera lived in Minneapolis for many years, where she used to be a yoga teacher, therapist and performance artist. She left those glamorous lifestyles behind to be an online English Teacher and chase her European dreams. Tera has been hustling hard around the Berlin scene since landing last summer and performed in Barcelona, Amsterdam and the states. She's one to watch in the upcoming year. Credits include: Her family's Christmas party, Uncle Dude's trivia show, the bus stop at 8th//Hennepin, the Dollar Store anytime Beyonce is playing, and the bowling alley.