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The Art of Bombing

May 22, 2020

Episode 135: Fun times at bar shows! This week I'm joined by my good pal Larry Smith, we had a fantastic conversation about romance, rowdy bar owners, lousy show producers, and friendly police! Plus more! Please rate, review, and subscribe! 

Larry Smith: 

Stand up comedian Larry Smith


Larry Smith is irreverently reverent, honest but joyful, and an educated dumb-dumb. From hallucinogen-induced sword fights, to blunt discussions of fatherhood, to the best ways to protect yourself, he leads you on a journey from one failure tale to the next. His optimistic candor and gruff, but personable, demeanor will make you feel less like you’re at a show and more like you’re having a beer with an old friend. Larry has headlined and featured in comedy clubs such as Mason City Limits, Mason City, IL, The Grove in Lowell, AR, has been on The Tuesday Ten at Zanies in Rosemont, IL multiple times, independent venues such as Zoo Bar in Lincoln, NE, and Joe’s Underground in Augusta, GA, breweries, bars, American Legion Halls, in living rooms, basements, and on the back of flatbed trailers throughout the Midwest and South. Additionally, Larry has had roles in low budget movies you’ve never heard of and been in web series you’ve never seen. But he has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with talented comedians such as Greg Hahn, Shane Torres, Ryan Singer, and Dusty Slay to name a few.



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