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The Art of Bombing

Jul 14, 2020

Episode 147: No deleting! Today I'm joined by Iowa comedian, Day Peace. We had a wonderful conversation about social media footprints, cancel culture, testing limits, and taking gigs you're not ready for. Plus more! Please rate, review, and subscribe! 

Day Peace:

Comedian Day Peace


Day Peace (yes, that is his real name) is a Midwest comedian, who currently tours the country as a feature and headliner. He got started with comedy in early 2011 in Phoenix, Arizona. It went from performing for fun to a hobby, and now is his career and a sole source of income.

Day’s style of comedy is open, honest and relatable. He shares his life and experiences on stage while connecting and interacting with the crowd. Day is also a husband, father to two boys, and has never been to jail or prison (yet).

Day recently independently filmed, produced, and recorded his first comedy album, and DVD, entitled Peace Of Mind expected to release in the summer of 2020. Listen to Day Peace monthly on the popular The Harry O Show on 103.7, a Fox radio station.


Instagram: @comediandayday

Twitter: @Comediandayday

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