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The Art of Bombing

Jul 24, 2020

Episode 150: Comedy & parenting! Today I'm joined by Twin Cities radio/TV personality and comedian Miss Shannan Paul.  We got a preview behind the scenes of being a single parent and we talked about balancing comedy with home life, conventions, geeks of color, and creating content in the pandemic. Shannan shares a story about opening for Cedric the Entertainer and being more well known as a radio personality than a comedian. Plus more! Please rate, review, and subscribe! 

Miss Shannan Paul:

Standup comedian Miss Shannan Paul



Miss Shannan Paul is a Comedian, Keynote Speaker, Radio and Television Host, and Social Instigator. She is a regular contributor on TV talk shows speaking on diversity and pop culture. See Miss Shannan as a regular on "The Jason Show" and her streaming comedy variety show, "Miss Shannan's Comedy Through The Chaos." Plus, hear Miss Shannan weekly on MyTalk 107.1 hosting the "Mom Show," and her podcast called "Be Our Geek."


Instagram: @MissShannan

Twitter: @MissShannan

Art of Bombing:




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