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The Art of Bombing

Oct 27, 2020

Episode 165: Apollo amateur night & bloopers! This week I'm joined by DC based comedian, Maher Matta (Dry Bar Comedy). Maher shares a story about bombing at a corporate gig and his experience performing on the legendary Apollo amateur night in New York, NY. We had a wonderful conversation about crowds needing to laugh post covid, bloopers, comedy festivals, Dry Bar Comedy tapings, and the cons of judging other comics. Plus more! Please rate, review, and subscribe! 

Maher Matta

standup comedian Maher Matta


Maher Matta has been doing this thing called comedy since he was about 19 or so. He's been lucky to perform at comedy clubs and venues across the country. And in 2020 Maher released his first comedy special with the Dry Bar comedy.

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