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The Art of Bombing

Dec 15, 2020

Episode 181: In Fun! In this episode I'm joined by Minneapolis comedian & musician, Joe Nicola (Stand Up Rim Shots). Joe shares a story about bombing on his first headlining private gig and talks about performing music during the pandemic. We talked about offending crowds, taboo topics, being too mean, and being too arrogant. Then Joe plays a song off his new album! Plus more! Please rate, review, and subscribe! 

Joe Nicola

Stand Up Comedian Joe Nicola


Joe Nicola is a standup comedian, musician, voice actor and all around entertainer. You can see him performing around the Twin Cities and adjacent 3 state radius. Grandmothers find him to be very charming.

Website: Joe Nicola

Art of Bombing:

"Art of Bombing" Theme by John Hult

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