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The Art of Bombing

Dec 22, 2020

Episode 182: Keep it interesting! In this holiday episode, I'm joined by comedian & voice actor, Maggi Mayfield (Pandemic Girl).  Maggi shares a story about sending audio files to a client with profanity and bombing at a cancer fundraiser after finding out some bad news. Our conversation included moving to Austin, TX, musical comedy, voice acting, and building an online presence during the pandemic. Plus more! Please rate, review, and subscribe! 

Maggi Mayfield

Stand up comedian Maggi Mayfield


A musical theater nerd to the core, Maggi studied the art in New York City on a scholarship before the world shut down (the first time) after 9/11. A few twists and turns led her to a career in radio where making listeners laugh was the goal of everyday. Now when she's not gracing stages all over the Internet, she's probably serenading your ear drums with an romance novel audiobook!

Website: Maggi Mayfield

Instagram: @MaggiMayfield

Twitter: @MaggiMayfield

Art of Bombing:

"Art of Bombing" Theme by John Hult

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