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The Art of Bombing

Dec 29, 2020

Episode 183: Clean comedy! In the last episode 2020, I'm joined by comedian & comedy club owner, Dennis "Pops" Tooley (Gutty's Comedy Club). Dennis shares a story about bombing for the troops and what happens when you make the mistake of giving up the mic to an audience member. We talked about the World Series of Comedy, being clean, running a comedy club during the pandemic, and corporate comedy. Plus more! Please rate, review, and subscribe! 

Dennis Tooley


Dennis Tooley is the co-owner of Gutty’s Comedy Club in Greenwood, Indiana. He has been in the entertainment industry for 35 years. Dennis has been a standup comedian for 25 years. He is one of the hosts of the Pops and the Rican Show, a podcast about standup comedy. Dennis was one of the judges for the 2020 World Series of Comedy in Las Vegas.

Website: Gutty's Comedy Club

Instagram: @PopsTooley

Twitter: @ComedianTooley

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